Information and Guides for Each Prospective Corp Members (PCMs)

Here are 18 quick tips and guides for each Prospective Corp Member (PCMs). Please read below to avoid missing any important NYSC updates.


An orientation camp can be one of the best experiences of your life and it can be otherwise. If you are a Prospective Corp Member (PCMs), keep reading because this information will help you in the next orientation camp.


Remember, there is no registration for potential corp members at Nysc Camp without a medical certificate of your fitness, so be sure to get yours.


Information and Guidelines for Each Prospective Corp Members (PCMs) 


Information and Guides for Each Prospective Corp Members (PCMs) 

1. Be fully prepared:


A conventional proverb goes like this; Proper preparation prevents poor performance. You have to prepare yourself, your body, soul, and spirit. The orientation camp is not a place of convenience, you will be trained so rigorously that you will be able to face every challenge that comes your year of service.


Fear not, it will be fun, yes. Really fun. Don’t go there with the mentality that you are going to be comfortable at home. Just get it.


2. Meet all your needs using the scale of choice (the first is very important)


1. Very important


These are very important and essential. You can't forget any of this. Don’t say you will print when you go camping.


Make sure they are in your box. Check it out as you exit the park. You can’t forget them at home.


  • Results details
  • School ID card
  • Passport photo (10 copies or more, better than surplus)
  • Call-up letter (please do not layer it)
  • Green card (do not laminate)
  • Medical Fitness Certificate (If you haven't got one yet, please comment.
  • A clean bag file (to hold the above items)
  • Make sure they are all printed with a color printer and do not layer any of them.


2. Important (for your convenience)


Do you like to get stressed? I don't like to pressure you either. The following items are for your convenience. These are not mandatory, they are only for you and these are for your convenience. If you really like to be stressed, just skip this list.


  • A waist purse to keep all your valuables.
  • Two or three white T-shirts and shorts (you will be given two sets but you may not like the quality, size, and color.)
  • Two or three pairs of socks and white rubber tennis shoes. Fulani style white waterproof shoes can help. (You will be given camp, but trust me, you don’t want to rely on it because of the quality, size, and type.
  • Bathroom slippers and Dettol (Do I need to promote it?)
  • A plastic bucket (you can buy it at camping but it can be “more expensive”) and a permanent marker because some things may really be missing.
  • Sponge and its case, bath soap, and detergent (do I need to add it?)
  • Bedspreads, towels and wrappers, and two pairs of casual wear (yes)
  • Mosquito nets (It's a good idea to get one. However, there will be many people in your hall who will die from overeating. You know your health and you know what you need.)
  • Small size flashlight/rechargeable lamp (small one please)
  • Your ATM card will have a POS from where you can withdraw money. (Charge rate by POS owner)
  • Cooler cups and spoons (you can get them at camp. You'll also like the # 20 disposable plate)
  • Phone and charger (all you need to reminisce)
  • Drinks (some people are happy now)
  • Women can add some other benefits. I believe you will understand me in the blink of an eye
  • Penis! Penis !! Penis !!! Keep good cash depending on how you spend


3. Go fast:


Please go to the place where you posted early. Even if you go on a flight, make sure you get your call-up letter on the specified day.


4. Screening:


Screening begins at the gate, where your load is left open and a thorough search is performed. They don’t want you to bring forbidden things like iron, knives, bombs, etc.


5. Registration:


The first registration must be for a hostel/bed location, where you will be tagged to identify yourself. Then follow the paper registration properly. Try as much as possible to make everything readily available. Look for the information posted on the wall. Follow the instructions strictly. 

6. Your kit:


At the time of registration, you will receive all your kits (shirts, shorts, and shoes). Use a marker to write your code number (CN) on them. "Tez-Tez." You will also be given a tag that will show your CN.


This will be your ID card temporarily. No matter where you camp. You will be given a food ticket. Put it in the wrong place and forget about NYSC meals and bicycle allowances.


7. Duration:


You will be in camp for a full 20 days. On the 21st day, you will leave the camp.


8. There is no place for casual wear until 2pm except Sunday:


Immediately have your kit, only tennis shoes with your t-shirt and shorts allowed. There is no place for casual wear. Parade/marching training begins immediately.


The soldiers will not give you a place to breathe. Your first day will be the same.


Be careful! People at the parade ground may be unconscious. You will not be unconscious, calm down. So eat well it is stress that makes them unconscious.


9. Morning Regiment Program:


A small horn woke up at dawn. Everyone gathers at the Parade Ground (PG) at 30.30 in the morning. You are praised, worshiped, and prayed in Christian and Muslim ways.


After the morning consultation, breakfast is served till morning! After dinner, you will again be called for a series of programs prepared for you. Then your lunch.


Take a break and you head out again for the evening parade. Then after your dinner. It will probably repeat every day except Sunday.


10. Hate food and feed yourself at your own expense:


You may not like food. You can always visit Mammy Market (MM) i.e. Camp Market so that your ‘tank’ can be filled with delicious food at your own expense. (Women always have their way, God help our men)


11. Theft:

Theft is going on in the camp. They can steal anything, they can be wise.


12. Soldier:


Please, I ask all of you to respect and obey them. Although they are not allowed to beat you, they can punish you. Not running, all jogging when they call you.


Do not salute or kneel a soldier. Do it militarily. They can be friendly anyway. Always add "sir" to every word.


13. Approved:


Your first allowance (₦ 33,000) will be paid to you at camp, and it will be in cash. You will also get a bicycle allowance <transport fare.


14. Photography:


Photographers are everywhere ready to amaze you, please be prudent in spending.


15. Now your camp is over and you are going to your primary workplace:


You will be posted from the camp where you will work. The place where you work is called your primary place (PPA).


Listen to this: Most members of the corps, that is, about 0% of the corps will be deployed in schools (especially primary and secondary schools). Rarely will post in universities, polytechnics, colleges, and companies.


16. Transportation outside the camp:


When you receive your posting letter, the first place is your PPA. If you are familiar with the fellowship in the camp, you can first report to the temporary lodge given to them.


You can report to your PPA the same day or the next day. Please, when you leave the camp, you will have a home-sweet-house in mind, which has been used in the camp. But please don't go straight home.


Please! Very few of your employers (i.e. PPA) will send you a vehicle to transport you from camp to your workplace. Private and some government higher education institutions.


Fellowships have also been arranged at your own expense. Commercial transporters will also be available at the gate. Be wise


17. Accommodation in PPA:

You don't know anyone in Benu or Kogi! Where will you sleep on the first day? The Muslim / Christian Fellowship can provide you with temporary accommodation for as long as you need.


You may be lucky if your employer gives you a room. Many of them do not accommodate the corps. So be prepared to take rent at your own expense. The permission you got at your first 'camp' is already dwindling!


18. Withdrawal:


So you don’t have to go straight home. Your registration (approval) at the local government NYSC office is important. Not being able to finish it before you go home is just the beginning of your problem.


You may start to have problems with the next, monthly allowance. Register first. Then you can get permission to go home. Long process! You can find out why.


Okay, I hope these few tips will go a long way in helping you. To ensure a smooth registration process, call-up letter printing, etc., potential key members are requested to visit the NYSC site www.nysc. often.


Educate others by sharing this article with all NYSC platforms, educational groups, and informal groups that can help other NYSC potential corporate members.

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