How the APC Party President of River State should be - Andy Umetor

Ironically, the president of a good team is often the person who wanted the least in the first place! He must be a person who does not want power but must be given authority by other party members who value his decisions.


So would a good team president:


A chairman who represents the team is ready to serve as an example of loyalty and loyalty to the team and other leaders of the team.


A president with good communication and interpersonal skills who can work with other members to achieve the greatest good for all members of the team regardless of team or like.


A chairman who can resist various temptations and persuasions from the opposition or the political arena.


President of strong character with both prudence and charisma.


A chairman is generally prepared to listen to the needs of the members and to represent them honestly.


A speaker who dares to stand up and say what needs to be said - rather than just saying what the members want to hear.


A president who is willing to make difficult (and perhaps unpopular) decisions for the greater good of the party will be instrumental in the process of restructuring the party.


A chairperson who will not be biased or emotional in her decision but will be in the common interest of all members in any situation.


A president who is ready to unite every fighting party in the party and not to split the party.


A president who is willing to write his name in gold and accept the sacrifice for not increasing his personal and family bank account.


A speaker who will not be impressed by the voice of his position as president of the state team, but is willing to see this position as a call to duty and service.


A chairperson who is accessible and willing to keep her door open for all members.


A president who will not betray the party but will be loyal and loyal to the party he will represent.


A president who will not turn party wealth into his own personal legacy.


A president who is ready and determined to take the party to the next level despite any challenges.


A speaker who knows that the Brick House journey has barely begun in 2023 and it will be a big fight, not a jamboree.


A good president will build a good leadership style that focuses on alliances and building, while a bad president's status stems from a president who is a "hostler" - the motivation and motivation to get what he wants without resorting to manipulation. Although the discussion and even coercion are sometimes required, a good speaker will always try to use persuasion first.


Our president must be a talented visionary leader. He must use the full range of his cognitive, emotional, and behavioral skills to bring about a profound change in our party. He needs to strategically evaluate his moves and anticipate feedback.

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