Health Insurance - Uninsured and Know Your Rights Before Facing an Emergency!

You don't have protection insurance, so why do you consider yourself insecure but you are not? Learn to know your rights.


As an uninsured person, you may not know what rights you have in an emergency. If you meet federal guidelines regarding an emergency, you have the right to emergency care.


What qualifies as an emergency?



Any event which is fatal or fatal,

Any event where physical activity or limbs are severely disabled,

Any event where the delivery of a pregnant woman is imminent.

Regardless of your insurance status, hospitals and emergency rooms must provide adequate care if your condition qualifies as an emergency.


Some inspections will not qualify according to the official definition of an emergency:


Going to the emergency room for life-threatening care

Visit an emergency care facility for non-life-threatening events

Maternity care, health check-ups, check-up, follow-up visits or ongoing doctor visits

Conditions that are not considered life-threatening, such as flu, cold, rash, etc.

Once your immediate condition is assessed and you are stable, your hospital may choose to transfer or discharge you.


Please note that going to the emergency room does not mean that you will be seen if the situation does not turn into an emergency.


Also, just because you were treated without insurance doesn't mean travel is free. You will be responsible for the entire bill and will have to make payment arrangements with the hospital. Ask about charitable care options or discounts that can help offset some of the costs.


If you do not have insurance, contact your local Medicaid office to determine eligibility for this coverage. You can visit You can also explore your options through the Affordable Care Act Marketplace

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