Are you searching for a job vacancy in a bank / Here are the suggestions

For those of you who are looking for a job in a bank, it is better to prepare in advance so that you can be accepted. For that, consider the following reviews so that you can know the necessary tips.

Banking World is one of the most popular job fields for New World graduates. Not only bachelor of economics, but also other big companies including literature have applied for jobs in banks if they have experience.

However, a bachelor's degree in economics (accounting and management) is a priority. There are many job vacancies in the bank for which you can try to apply. Because apart from having a lot of demand, a bank does not require special qualifications to be an employee.

However, if the rapid development of technology encourages the growth of digitalization for banking activities. This affects the recruitment of labor in the Bank Taylor department.

According to the Ministry of National Development Planning, there has been a significant reduction in the number of workers employed in the region every year. This is because both private and state banks have started implementing digitalization systems in their operations.

Thus, job vacancies as tellers in banks are predicted to be removed and replaced by the digitization process. This means customers do not have to come to the bank to save or transfer. On the one hand, many of the new graduates are interested in becoming tailors.

All that is needed for this situation is the ability to be accurate and fully capable of calculating money and communicating well. While not a groundbreaking contribution to the genre, the payoff for attracting many job seekers is quite attractive.

This situation certainly raises the question of whether bank tellers are still a destination for fresh graduates or new graduates. There are probably still interested people but it depends on the situation.

Tips for applying for a job in a bank

For those of you who are still trying to apply for job vacancies in banks through public channels, here are some tips.

1. Get information

The first step is to get as much information as possible from various job search sites, newspapers or the bank's official website. There are several lists of websites for best job vacancies such as

In some of these applications, you can find job vacancies in many banks like central Bank of Nigeria, FirstBank Nigeria, Stanbic IBTC Bank etc. If you find a job that suits you, read your responsibilities, qualifications and duties carefully.

Next, you need to prepare the files that are the conditions for applying for the job. Also keep in mind that job applications sent online must be delivered through the post office or directly to the office.

2. Have a connection

Applying for a job or doing business is actually one thing. It is important for you to know if there is a place of work in the bank. If not, you can still send a job application by asking the bank staff.

Okay, it’s important to have your trust connection so that your work application can be saved by HRD at least first. If a new employee is needed, either the previous employee who has resigned or the bank is about to open a new branch, you must call.

3. Note the application submission deadline

This is because applicants often pay less attention, even when job applications suddenly come to a halt. As a result, many people do not pass administratively because of incomplete documents.

When you pass the administrative selection, and then you will undergo a psychological test and interview, you need to prepare yourself. At least you know how to behave and answer questions from HRD or what are the most frequently asked questions.

4. Don’t wait for 1 or 2 applications

Banks have a lot of vacancies, so don’t let yourself get complicated because the first or second applications are accepted quickly. Because when you pass the interview exam, time will wait for you whether you have been accepted as an employee in the bank or not.

While you wait, it would be good to send applications to other agencies or agencies in different locations and job vacancies are currently being opened. This increases the chances of your work being accepted quickly.

Example of a job application in a bank

There are a few more things you should keep in mind when applying for a job vacancy at a bank, such as creating a good and accurate application form so that the bank’s HRD is interested and understands you. Application forms have an important role to play through the administrative selection process

Below you can follow an example of a bank job application form that you can follow:

January 10, 2021

Subject: Employment Application


Dear. President Name Here, President of Dash Bank, to Bank Name Here

Branch Office



Understood, I:

Name: Applicant Name

Place, Date of Birth, July 24, 1994


Final Education: Bachelor S1 (Bachelor of Information Science)

Phone: 0000000000

Through this, you will have to submit a request, in the hope that I may be accepted as a staff officer for a development program at Bank Name Here.

With experience and skills to be able to manage computers and especially MS. In the office (Word, Excel, PowerPoint, etc.) as well as English proficiency is spoken and written. I can communicate well, be completely honest, and work both individually and in teams.

For consideration, I attach the prerequisites:

Photocopy of final education certificate (valid)

Price copy photocopy (valid)

Photocopy of Police Note / SKC Certificate (Valid)


Photocopy of valid identity card

1 sheet of latest 4 × 6 color photo

So, I have created this work application based on real information. If there is a difference of opinion in the future, I am fully prepared to take responsibility. Thanks for your attention.

Good luck,

Your Name

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