WhatsApp Not Downloading Media Error? How to Solve It

How to fix WhatsApp to not download media error? This troubleshooting guide should again allow you to download media from WhatsApp.

Having trouble downloading media (photos and videos) via WhatsApp on Android or iOS? Have you tried saving some memes or funny videos that your friends sent you on WhatsApp but in vain? Fortunately, this should be a simple fix.

In this article, we will go over the steps you are taking to correct this problem. And I hope you will be able to download media from WhatsApp without any problems at the end of the article.

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Downloading Media Solutions, not WhatsApp

Verify your internet connection

Whenever you have difficulty using an application that requires the Internet to work, you should check that your Internet connection is working properly.

A good way to do this is to use other apps on your phone and check if they can access the Internet. You can try visiting any web page in your preferred browser. If other applications are experiencing similar connectivity issues, check to see if you're connected to the Internet.

Fix Wi-Fi connection issues Fix

Troubleshoot cellular data issues: Turn off cellular data (or mobile data) and try restarting. If that doesn't work, enable aviation mode and turn it off again. You should also check that your internet plan is active and your data is running.

Check your device's storage

You can't download files from WhatsApp and other applications unless you have enough space in your phone's internal or external storage. Not to know. Assuming you're trying to download a 50MB video and you have 40MB of free storage space on your device, WhatsApp won't complete the download.


For Android, launch your phone's file manager application and check how much storage space your phone has. Alternatively, you can go to Settings> Storage.

Ideally, the storage space available on your phone should be large enough to accommodate the media files you want to download.

If you're using an iPhone or iPad, go to Settings> General> iPhone Storage / iPad Storage to check how much storage you've used and how much you need to use. If your iPhone or iPad is running low on storage space, our guide explains how to create free space on iOS.

Check storage/media permissions on your device

This is another important store-related check that you must do if you cannot download media files on WhatsApp (or any other application).

If WhatsApp doesn't have access to your phone's storage space or photos, you may receive an error message when you try to save media files.

How to allow WhatsApp storage on Android?

Click Settings> Applications & Notifications> WhatsApp> Permissions> Storage and Permissions.

How can WhatsApp be allowed to access photos on iOS?

Launch the Settings app and choose Privacy. Then select the photos, select WhatsApp from the list of apps and make sure all the photos are selected

Force WhatsApp

When an app gets stuck or some of its features don't work properly, follow the steps below to find an effective way to get the app to close.

How to stop WhatsApp on Android

Another solution for WhatsApp not downloading media errors is to open your phone's settings menu and click on apps and notifications. Next, select WhatsApp from the recently opened Applications section or click View All Applications and select WhatsApp from the list of installed applications. Finally, tap the Force Stop icon and select OK at the confirmation prompt.

How to force WhatsApp on iOS

Click the Physical Home button (for iPhone 8 or earlier and for iPhone SE 2020) or swipe down from the bottom of your device's screen and lift your finger when the app's preview card appears on the screen. Swipe back to WhatsApp to force it to close.

Restart WhatsApp and check if you can download media files.

Restart your device

Turning on and off your phone can also help solve this problem. Turn off your device and check if WhatsApp's media download functionality has been restored.

Check if WhatsApp is off

Problems can occur due to WhatsApp breaking down. Sometimes some app features and functionality don't work when WhatsApp servers aren't running. You can use trusted third-party platforms such as DownDector or Outage. Port to investigate potential issues with WhatsApp servers.

Update WhatsApp to the current version

Another thing to check is that you are running the latest version of WhatsApp on your device. Older versions of the application sometimes have bugs that cause some features to fail. Newer versions come with bug fixes that bring the app back to normal. Click the link below to update WhatsApp on your device.

Reset your network settings

If the problem persists after trying all of the above solutions, try resetting your device's network settings. Especially if you have trouble using Wi-Fi or cellular data. If you're using an Android device, go to Settings> System> Advanced> Reset Options and select Reset Wi-Fi, Mobile, and Bluetooth

You will be asked to reset the network settings by entering your phone's password / PIN.

To reset network settings on your iPhone or iPad, go to Settings> General> Network settings. Enter your iPhone password and click Reset Network Settings at the prompt to continue.

Note: Resetting your device's network settings will delete all previously saved Wi-Fi networks and cellular data configurations.

If all else fails, reinstall WhatsApp

You should fix the problem by following the troubleshooting guidelines described above and download the media files from WhatsApp again. But nothing in life is guaranteed.

If none of the above steps work, try removing WhatsApp from your device and then reinstalling it from scratch. This nuclear option should solve the problem if all else fails.

Remember to keep a backup of your messages before uninstalling WhatsApp to avoid losing important conversations and files.

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