All you need to know to get a Jaiz Bank Loan

With the nation's economic downturn, it is not possible to meet all your needs without a loan. Jaiz Bank is a selfless bank that is dissatisfied with its responsibility to help customers in difficult times by providing affordable options.

In this article, we have carefully reviewed what you should know about taking n with Jazz Bank.

About Jaiz Bank Loan:

Jaiz Bank is a Nigerian bank that operates under Islamic banking policy. These are national and publicly quoted companies with more than 26,000 shareholders. These shareholders are spread across six geopolitical regions of Nigeria. His goal and vision are to be a clear leader in ethical banking in the sub-African sub-region.


Also, he created the selfless premiere in 2011 based on faith, professionalism, and excellence. They believe it is the foundation of innovative financial solutions and providing the best customer experience. In addition, they base their values on basic principles. These are responsibility, entrepreneurship, efficiency, excellence, customer focus, and trust

What types of loans are available through Jaiz Bank?

As we mentioned earlier this is the core value of this company for providing a great customer experience. Thus, they provide various loan options for the benefit of the customers. Here are some of the loan options available to them.

Working Capital Financing (Murabaha):

This option works on the basis of capital finance benefits. They are usually made to help with the financial needs of your business so you can take advantage of this option to buy stocks, inventory, etc. To get Murabaha, you need to present the source for the products and the performer invoice to the bank. Once they get it (run the proforma), they pay directly to your supplier. The repayment of this loan option is based on the agreement.

Household Appliance Finance (Murabaha):

It is a consumer product loan made by Jaiz Bank, which enables customers to get basic home gadgets. These include refrigerators, television sets, laptops, etc. They identify any product you buy and sell it at a cost. After acquiring the product, you will have to pay them monthly from their salary for 24 months.

Lease for yourself (Ijarawalqtia):

Do you want to rent or lease any property? Don't look anymore. This option is for you. Jaiz Bank has created this option so that you can lease or rent a property with them. They buy a property for you and you pay regular reps over time.

Project financing/construction:

Under this option, you will make a request and they will agree to let you create and sell the project at an increased profit margin. Upon completion of the project, the project is handed over to you and you will be able to pay in full or in advance.

Please visit their official website to learn more about their other product offers

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How do I apply for a Jaiz Bank loan?

To apply for any loan from Jaiz Bank, you can go to any branch near you. They accept loan applications from all their branches across the country. However, before you make an application with them, it is essential that you be aware of their products. Therefore, you can get complete information about this by consulting any of your branch-advisory consultants.

You will need to fill out an application form for most of their loan options. For this, you need to give various details about yourself or your organization. After you successfully submit your details, they will request some helpful documents to process your application. These include:

Means a valid way of identification

Bank Statement (12 months)

Address proof

Company profile (where applicable)

Business plan

Cash flow budget

Certificate of organization

After a detailed evaluation of your application, if they approve your loan, they will send you an offer letter for this offer. This will include the conditions you must meet before paying the loan.

How soon is the money released?

Like other banks, the disbursement rate depends on creditworthiness. However, small unsecured loans are disbursed without any delay.

What are the repayment terms of Jaiz Bank?

With customer satisfaction in mind, Jaiz Bank offers short and long term loans with an advanced and flexible payment option.

How can I contact Jaiz Bank?

You can contact the legitimate bank through the following channels.

Headquarters Address: 73, Ralph Shodinde Street, Canoe House, Central Business Area, Abuja

Telephone number: 13: 47080635500 2347080635555.

Official website:

Email Address: Customer @


From a variety of options, Jaiz Bank has made it easy for all and sundry people in Nigeria to obtain. Please visit their official website or visit any of their branches to select the appropriate loan option for your needs.

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