BOI Intervention Fund / How to Apply Learn the right way

The Bank of Industry (BOI) exists prominently to assist organizations in many fields to realize progress. Due to their work, the establishment usually provides grants and funds to various sectors to track their growth. In addition to each part of this lesson, there is a look at completely different BOI intervention funds, which is best to know.


A Framework on BOI Intervention Fund

The Bank of Industry (BOI) is the largest, most profitable, and oldest development finance establishment in Nigeria. The BOI was banned in 2001 by the Nigerian Industrial Development Bank (NIDB). Nevertheless, N64B has existed since 1964. BOI has a mission to remodel the Nigerian industrial sector by providing finance for support providers and companies. all over the country. Their attainment has included small, large, and medium institutions and initiatives.


BOI Intervention Fund / How to Apply to Learn the right way

Some of the main values of a BOI are: 

  • Service
  • Professionalism
  • Passion
  • Integrity
  • Innovation
  • Attracted soul


What are the goals of BOI intervention funds?

The BOI intervention fund is classified into two. They are doing:


Matching Fund:

Funds receivable below this category are:


BOI / State Matching Fund:

The fund is based on a partnership between the Bank of Industry and some state governments. They are attainable for cooperatives, restricted legal responsibility firms, and enterprises engaged in manufacturing and agro-processing. It represents most of N50 million and curiosity varies between 5% to 10%.


BOI / Dangote Foundation Matching Fund:

This fund is obtained in collaboration between BOI and Dangote Foundation. It is an N5bn fund receivable for firms within Nigeria's trading, manufacturing, and agro-processing sector. It is restricted to N50 million per head at 5% curiosity.


Managed Funds:

The receivables below managed funds are:


BOI / CBN Intervention Fund:

The fund is available in completely different classes, from N235 billion VBN funds for manufacturing and restructuring facilities to financial institution loans and N300 billion for energy and airline intervention funds. The N236Bn focuses on the manufacturing part to increase the availability of credit scores for producers. Alternatively, the N300Bn exists to quickly look at the aviation and energy trade incident.



The Nationwide Automotive Council Fund is a sum of N16,91Bn aimed at increasing SMEs in the manufacturing of automotive elements. The BOI collaborates with the National Automotive Council (NAC) in this regard.


FGN Special Intervention Fund for MSG (NEDEP):

This intervention lends support to SMEs for their development. It gets interesting at the rate of 9% every year.


The various inter-traditional funds supplied by the BOI are:

  • Cassava Bread Fund
  • Cement fund
  • Cottage Fund
  • National Program on Food Security (NPFS)
  • Rice and Cassava Intervention Fund
  • Sugar development council fund


What different product does BOI Supply do?

According to the managed and matching funds, the BOI additionally offers the following goods:

  • ASM Fund
  • Bottom of pyramid
  • Fashion and beauty product
  • Light manufacturing
  • Food and Agro commodity processing
  • Graduate entrepreneurship fund
  • Nollyfund
  • On- lending to commercial banks
  • Solar energy
  • Youth entrepreneurship support (YES) programme
  • Youth ignite programme


How do I apply for the BOI Intervention Fund? 

To use for any fund, just follow this procedure:

  • Visit their website,
  • Choose the most suitable funding option for your business and industry line
  • Click on the option, scroll down the page
  • Below, you'll find the "Click here to apply" option.


The conclusion

The BOI Intervention Fund presents the entry for the mortgage and allows you the maximum option to develop what you are promoting. Their services are low in all classes and have actually helped a lot of companies since inception.

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