Top 10 schools for the disabled in Logos

The quality of education can never be reduced as the quality of education is both for the disabled and the handicapped in the society. In keeping with this notion, people with disabilities will not be left to pursue their own learning.

Although being disabled can be physically debilitating to get a general education, there are several schools in Nigeria for special needs children that affect their condition through their adequate education.

These institutions provide educational education to the physically challenged. In Lagos, there are top schools that provide the best educational services for people with disabilities. This article will be more clear about this, as we will highlight the top schools for the disabled in the Nigerian state of Lagos.

A disability or special school is an institution designed to meet students' special educational needs due to learning difficulties, physical disabilities, or behavioral problems. These schools have become essential due to the need of persons with disabilities in terms of education. Schools for the disabled are like a normal school. It provides similar learning but in the case of this type of learning facilitates segregation.

Top 10 schools for the disabled in Logos


There are several schools for the disabled in the city of Logos. These institutions provide educational programs for both area residents and indigenous peoples. To give you the options to go, we've compiled a list of the top ten best schools for the disabled in Lagos State and their locations.

Marigold Special School

It is one of the best schools for the disabled in Lagos and the country. This is best because it provides room for many people with disabilities as well as quality education. Located at Marigold Special School 45, Prince Bio Adsular Alley, Caso Bus Stop, Alagado, Lagos.

It is a very good school that meets the special needs of the children. At Marigold, education for people with disabilities is guaranteed, as the organization provides education and therapy for special children with disabilities. The categories include dyslexia, mild, moderate, and severe cerebral palsy, Down syndrome, autism, ADHD, and other special needs classifications.

Patrick Speech and Learning Center

Another prominent name for a school for the disabled in Lagos is the Patrick Speech and Study Center. Located at 13B, Remy-Fanikaod Street, GRA Ikeja, Lagos State, the school is one of the best in the country. The Patrick Speech and Learning Center is a disabled school focused on providing specialized educational services for people with autism in Nigeria. The school is equipped with modern facilities to meet the needs of special people.

Helping Hand Special School

This is a good disability school in the city of Festak. Located at Plot 1072, opposite 401 Junction 4D Avenue Al Close, Festak Town, Lagos, the school provides good services for the education of the disabled. Students with disabilities at Helping Hands Special School will not be barred from studying their status altogether.

Services provided by this Logos Disability School include Speech Therapy, Physiotherapy, and Occupational Therapy, Personalized Educational Planning, Counseling and Cognitive Reconstruction, Individual Lifestyle, Autism, and Applied Behavior, and many more.

Little Beginnings Academy

Little Beginning Academy is the top school for the disabled in Holgos. The address of this institution is Plot 13, Akanbi Disu Street, Lekki Phase 1, Lagos, Nigeria at a small start-up academy for education is a good option for disabled people.

This special school is specially designed for children in need and education. Also, Little Beginning Academy School provides professional and physical therapy, speech, and behavioral therapy to each child.


Are you looking for a good disability school near the lake? At the age of 18 at TLPCentre, Chris Maddock Drive, Lecky Phase 1, Logos is a good quality educational institution for people with disabilities. Learning services are ensured at the TLP Center regardless of the condition of the physically challenged.

Moreso, is a school for the disabled that provides uninterrupted support and feedback to children with physical and developmental disorders. Above all, the school's vision is to produce strong individuals with long-term functional skills.

Amtowa Montessori School and Special Center

Amtowa Montessori School and Special Center No. 20, Surulere Street, of Omolola Ashimi Road, Fawlo Bustop, Bayeku Ikrodo, a school for the disabled in the state of Logos. School is a leading learning institution for people with disabilities.

The school is located in the Icarudu axis of Lagos, and as a school of learning it provides special education and care services for children with disabilities. The special school also cares for children with disabilities inside and outside the city.

Kenmark Foundation

No. Located at number, Alhaji Ya Street, Hilsa, Oshodi Isolo, Lagos State, it is one of the top disability schools in the state. The Kenmark Foundation is an adult daycare center designed specifically for people with disabilities. The school focuses on equipping and empowering disabled men and women inside and outside the city.

Leunamme Special Needs Academy

If you are interested in a special needs school in Lagos, the Special Needs Academy in Leonam is an effective option for you to go. Leunamme Special Needs Academy is located in Lagos, a city in the state of Lagos, and aims to provide educational training to schools for working and working with an autistic child.

Other specialties such as SEN are also enjoyed in-school programs, especially for people with autism and intellectual disabilities. You can also look at this institution as an education option for the physically challenged.

Anthos House

This is an autism school in Lagos. The school is one of the top-rated schools for the disabled in the country. These are located opposite 1, Platinum Way, Jakunde First Gate, Lekki Phase II, Lagos, Nigeria.

At Anthos House, they are committed to strong academic advancement and believe in an integrated approach to disability education, care, and treatment-related activities.

Their main purpose is to provide comprehensive, balanced, and relevant learning programs for our learning, so that people with any kind of disability also provide the unique needs and skills of each child in the school, thus giving them the necessary education opportunities.

Modupe Cole Memorial Child

One special school that will not fail to make the list of popular schools for the disabled in Lagos is the Modupe Cole Memorial Children. This foundation began in the early 1960s. School basically Down syndrome, autism, cerebral palsy, e.g. T. C. Aim to support and teach children.

The school conducts educational and vocational training activities for children with physical disabilities. The Modupe Cole Memorial Child is located at No. 1, Aokoka St. Finbar College Road, Locos.


Schools for the disabled are very important for many reasons, one of which is that it helps physically challenged children and students to study. This article has revealed a lot about this and the top schools for the disabled that are available in Lagos. It will give a guide to learning the best school for the disabled in the city, and it will be the largest in the country.

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