Federal Government Loan Program - TraderMoni

Tradermoni is a federal government loan program designed specifically for small traders and artisans in Nigeria. It is part of the Federal Government's Government Initiative and Empowerment Program (GEEP) project, which is implemented by the Bank of Industry.

With TraderMoni you can get interest free get up to N10,000 and increase your pay by all means up to N100,000. You will get N10,000 as the first.

When you repay the first loan, you immediately qualify for a second loan of N15,000. After repaying the second loan, you will qualify for an N20.000 loan, then N50.000, and then N100,000.

With TraderMoni, the federal government provides uninterrupted providing for your small business and wants to change your level to make each of your loans bigger.


Why Tradermoni

The federal government understands the plight of more than two million Nigerians for small businesses and is in dire need of capital to grow their businesses.

These Nigerians rarely have bank accounts and are not usually "attractive" or "profitable" by traditional theorists. They cannot use credit for business and so they live in a cycle of poverty.

Who deserves it

If you are a small trader or artisan in Nigeria, and N10000 can help your business today, you are eligible for TraderMoni! For example, if you own a small kiosk, food vendor, bread

The seller, Mai Shai, Wheelbarrow Pusher, Mobile Tailor, Mobile Cobbler, Fruit Seller, KeKe Rider, etc.

Am I at least good?

The money will increase with the return! You can get up to N100.000. Once you use N10.000 well and payback you will get N15.000 and then N20.000. And then N50.000 and then N100.000

Receipt of the next loan is automatic! Within 3 months, as soon as you repay a loan, you will dial a code on your phone and your next loan will be issued immediately.

How many states will get?

Towards the end of 2018. The federal government aims to disburse 2 million business loans in all 3 states and FCTs. Each state will receive a minimum of 30,000.

A bank with complete structure and procedure to reach the applicants are being managed by BOI only.

How many days do I have to pay back?

On the Trader Moni platform, you have 6 months to pay your N10.000 back.

You are expecting a small payment of weekly N430 for 6 months. However, you can pay faster and get higher automatically. If you want to pay within 3 months, you will pay weekly N860.

Do I need a bank account?

You do not need a bank account for your first loan (n 10,000). After your first loan, you will need a VVN and a bank account for your next loan (n 15,000; n 20,000-n 50.000; and n 100,000).

You have 6 months to repay your N10,000 business loan. You are expecting a small payment of weekly N430 for 6 months.

Application progress

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Cash Out

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