Audi A6 - This is a Motorcar - Design, Features & More...

The world's obsession with sport utility vehicles puts the car industry at great risk. Everyone wants to buy a big, clumsy, "practical" SUV - and that's a shame.

Let's know amazing things about the great vehicle Audi A6. The design is pure Audi, a conservatively beautiful sedan. When one enters the interior, the space is distinctive.


The interior is decorated with leather and beautiful materials as well as excellent build quality. Large touch screens and digital devices round out the package beautifully, although the touch screens are initially confusing to master. I personally like the buttons, but the touch screens look beautiful, and owners will quickly get used to it - again it's easy for them.

The stratospheric specification level welcomes you to the cabin. There is a beautiful sound system, seat memory, air conditioning, adjustable speed control, parking assist with cameras, and a multitude of safety systems such as six airbags, ABS, EBD, stability, and traction control.

This leads me to the gem of the A6. It has a 2.0 four-cylinder turbo diesel engine. This engine provides 140 kW and 400 Nm. Oh yes, at 0-100 km / h, it takes seconds and it will keep jogging up to 23 0 km / h. However, this is not his trump card. The fact that a person can easily maintain 5.7 ℓ / 100 km at 120 km / h is fantastic on the open road. The engine is beautifully refined without much diesel noise in the cabin.

The second trump card is the ride quality of the sedan. In a sea of large, heavy sport utility vehicles, the A6 feels like the finest ballerina in a few points. Its road-holding is better than any owner's needs, and its ride quality is superb.

It is very easy, to sum up the A6. It is a beautiful, luxurious sedan that has a larger boot than most SUVs. It is also cheaper. A6 emphasizes how great a car can be


The series looks like this:

Audi A6 40TDI

140 kW/400 Nm

5.2 ℓ/100 km

R919 500

Audi A6 45TDI quattro

183 kW/600 Nm

6.5 ℓ/100 km

R1 100 000

Audi S6 TFSI quattro

331 kW/600 Nm

8.3 ℓ/100 km

R1 401 500

The competition looks like this:

Volvo S90 D4 Momentum

140 kW / 400 Nm

4.4 ℓ / 100 km

5 year / 100,000 km warranty and comprehensive maintenance plan

R834 600

Mercedes-Benz E220d

143 kW / 400 Nm

4.3 ℓ / 100 km

2 years / unlimited km warranty

R935 200

5 years / 100,000 km - comprehensive maintenance plan

BMW 520d

140 kW / 400 Nm

5.2 ℓ / 100 km

2 years / unlimited km warranty

R935 996

5 years / 100,000 km - comprehensive maintenance plan

Jaguar XF 20d Prestige

132 kW / 430 Nm

4.3 ℓ / 100 km

5 year / 100,000 km warranty and comprehensive maintenance plan

R945 922

The prices of the competitors are almost all the same. The Jaguar is a bit bigger than the others. All luxury vehicles. Before you just buy a sports utility car, you must go to the test drive

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