Tips for Developing Digital Digitization Strategies in Times of Crisis

As the epidemic of the new coronavirus “digitally” accelerates the digital transformation of global organizations, adaptation is essential.

The new coronavirus epidemic (COVID-19) requires urgent technological change by minimizing innovative opportunities for organizations across the planet. IT professionals have felt the need for this acceleration and have acted epically to adapt the plan of the year in a matter of months.

Clearly, not all organizations have been able to meet this demand due to lack of technology, lack of specialized staff, or lack of organizational culture to encourage technological development.

Priority must be given to the development of digital IT strategies for the survival of any organization and protection of data security in response to the crisis. Follow the post and learn 6 tips to improve quality and help your customers do business.


6 Tips for Developing Digital Digitization Strategies in Times of Crisis

Mobile devices, cloud computing, management automation software, the Internet of Things (IoT), advanced analysis systems, and other emerging technologies are examples of companies that use CIOs (Chief Information Officers) to run digital strategies during epidemics.

It is essential to optimize the operational process, improve the analytical quality of information, provide virtual security, map productivity, create digitizing bots, facilitate remote access, regardless of what the business needs and demands, the contribution of IT is essential.

To help your resellers create a smart service and accelerate the digital transformation of their customers, we've created a few special tips. Look down!

1) Accept transparent communication

Especially in times of crisis, when managerial instability and uncertainty are revealed, it is important to maintain purposeful and close communication between managers, IT teams, and general staff.

For example, forty positions require more frequent interaction to ensure the team is connected, committed, satisfied, and secure.

So to answer the question, it is essential to continue the projects and organize weekly meetings by video conferencing, telephone call, or other equivalent means to meet the needs of the staff. IT can take advantage of smart devices to meet the demand.

2) Make crisis management easier

Another suggestion to enhance your digital strategy during the new coronavirus crisis is to simplify crisis management.

As we have said, not all companies were willing to deal with these sudden and abrupt changes, so the impact of segregation was quite intense. However, if they have a crisis management plan, even if it is less powerful, taking emergency measures will certainly reduce this effect.
So, if the current crisis is to become a reality, the IT team needs to come up with simple and strategic plans to protect data security.

3) Organizational culture modified or adapted

To effectively lead a digital strategy, the entire staff needs to understand this need and be able to manage it. In other words, digital transformation must be a value shared by an organization’s organizational culture.

One way to quickly and effectively adapt the culture is to follow the model used by start-ups, whose workgroups are multi-structured, programming is done in pairs, and ethnographic research is often done, and so on.

The IT team can assist and optimize this digital transformation process by increasing the productivity of the company.

4) Employee behavior map

Organizational culture change is a challenge that goes beyond the implementation of digital tools and process automation strategies. The key issue is human behavior because an idea only becomes a reality if practiced properly.

Therefore, IT should map out employee behavior and structural technological changes so that they are in line with their routines, beliefs, and practices. This is to implement solutions that are consistent with the actual needs of the companies.

Also, word creation and promotion should be avoided as it can negatively affect this digital operation.

5) Focus on your customers

Customer attention is one of the 6 tips to enhance your digital strategy. Consumer habits change during the quarantine, the demand for technology increases and the market preferences for buying products and services online ference

For B2B or B2C businesses, Virtual Business Enterprise is an opportunity for resellers to evolve quickly and on-call to meet the expectations of their target audience.

6) Don’t forget the team

This tip should be specifically mentioned: Don’t forget the IT team itself! It is also important to understand what works or does not work in the classroom.
An active feedback culture can be an interesting solution for choosing the technology used. This allows your reseller to review your innovative strategy without compromising your budget and results.

IT is the right hand in this digital drive process. Taking 6 tips will make it easier to make decisions about changes in culture, process, and technologies, and the results will certainly be more promising.

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