ABUAD Second Semester 2019/2020 Academic Session Examination

ABUAD Online Second Semester Examination - Information to parents, sponsors, guardians on student’s second semester 2019/2020 academic session examination.

We appreciate our esteemed Parents, Sponsors, and Guardians for the confidence, belief, and support of Afe Babalola University, Ado – Ekiti (ABUAD) by bringing your child/children/ward/wards to undertake their study in this citadel of learning.   Without being immodest, ABUAD, your ward’s University, has been described by the National Universities Commission as “The Pride of University Education in Nigeria.”  Since inception, we are known to have maintained a stable academic calendar.

Sequel to the circular received from the Federal Government via the National Universities Commission (NUC), reference number NUC/ES/138/VOL.63/9 dated 20th March, 2020 on “Management of the Corona Virus (COVID-19) Pandemic”, the Senate held an emergency meeting to discuss the issues raised in the circular.

Senate at that meeting observed that NUC took the decision to close down all Universities, including Private Universities, without due consultation with the Stakeholders of all tertiary institutions to discuss the grave issues associated with the closure of Universities.

The Senate, thereafter, in spite of the above observation, decided that “all University academic activities be suspended for one month from Monday, 23rd March, 2020 as directed by NUC.  Students were advised to immediately vacate the University premises and await further directives from the University Senate in line with directives from NUC.

According to the 2019/2020 academic calendar, the University was scheduled to commence the 2nd Semester examination on the 14th of April 2020 and bring the session to a close on the 2nd day of May 2020.  The effect of the unexpected closure of schools was enormous and affected our academic programme adversely.

In order to keep our students engaged and minimize the effects of the lockdown, the Senate directed all lecturers to embark on online teaching and revision.  This was satisfactorily carried out as confirmed by our students.

The Founder and Chancellor, Aare Afe Babalola, SAN published a prescription on what Universities should do to reduce the effect of Covid-19, most of which were adopted by the Federal Government and its Presidential Task Force (PTF).  In preparation for resumption, if and when the government reopens schools, the Founder has procured modern equipment to check every person coming into our University and identify those who might be carriers of the Covid-19 virus.  

Furthermore, an Isolation Centre was built on the premises to ensure quick attention for those who might test positive for the COVID-19 virus.   A range of imported modern Health Care facilities have been put in place.  These include:

  1. Automated Hand Sanitizing Unit (Manufactured by ABUAD College of Engineering)
  2. Infra-Red Thermometers
  3. Smart Temperature Measurement and Disinfectant Channels
  4. Motorised Modular Fumigators
  5. BioXSpray Machines
  6. Polymerase Chain Reaction (PCR) Machines
  7. Ribonucleic Acid (RNA) Extraction Kits
  8. Antibody Test Kits (To test for immunity to COVID-19 i.e. whether a person has developed immunity to COVID-19)
  9. Antigen Test Kits (to get actionable information about the person’s health status)
  10. Face Mask & Face Shield
  11. Bio-Safety Cabinet
  12. Holding Bay

We hope you have been watching our jingle on the “safety measures put in place by ABUAD for reopening of Schools” on   Channels TV, NTA, etc.   You can also watch us on social media   (YouTube) using the link https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=CmQAX-U7Fsw

Despite all the safety measures put in place by ABUAD for reopening of schools and in order to maintain the University unbroken records of stable academic calendar, the University Senate, at its meeting of Monday, 20th July, 2020, took the following decisions:

  1. that 2019/2020 academic session shall be completed online (virtual/e-platform) using the Computer-Based examination method;
  2. that the University shall conduct Mock Examination using the online virtual platform scheduled to commence from Monday, July 27,  and to end on Thursday, 30th July, 2020.
  3. that 2019/2020 second semester online examination shall commence from Monday, 10th August, 2020 to Friday, 21st August, 2020;
  4. that the deadline for the submission of projects by the Final Year students is Friday, 21st August, 2020;
  5. that the maximum number of pages for the final year students’ projects is 80 pages.   Students shall forward the approved, final soft copy of the project to their supervisor;
  6. that cost of printing and binding the projects shall be borne by the students.  Details on logistics on projects shall be communicated in due course.
  7. that parents/sponsors/guardians shall monitor the conduct of the examination with a good conscience to avoid unwarranted malpractices and preserve the sanctity and integrity of the examination;
  8. that parents/sponsors/guardians shall provide basic facilities such as laptops, desktops with inbuilt or external webcam.
  9. that parents/sponsors/guardians shall provide enough data for uninterrupted internet services, stable electric power and a conducive examination room for their wards;
  10. that parents/sponsors/guardians shall ensure that their child/children/ward/wards have completed their online course registration. In case of any complaints, kindly send a mail to examcomplaints@abuad.edu.ng;
  11. that no student shall be allowed to write ANY 2nd-semester examination without full payment of school fees;
  12. that the reviewed ABUAD 2nd Semester 2019/2020 Academic Calendar shall be made available  on ABUAD website and individual students portals;
  13. that the reviewed online examination timetable for the second-semester examinations shall be made available 2 weeks to the commencement of the examinations only to students who have paid full school fees.
  14. that robust help desks have been set up by the University to offer solutions to any student who might experience any problem in the course of writing the examination;
  15. that all examinations shall be monitored remotely and shall be invigilated  using a robust technological platform;
  16. that the University solicits parents’ maximum cooperation and support at this unprecedented “New Normal” COVID-19 induced period.  
  17. that parents/sponsors/guardians are requested to kindly give full support to their child/children/ward/wards and encourage them.
  18. that any excuse for the inability to write the examination shall not be entertained by the University.
  19. that the University sincerely appreciates the parents/sponsors/guardians in anticipation of supporting the University for a smooth conduct of 2019/2020 second semester examination.

We encourage you and your child/children/ward/wards to adhere strictly to the World Health Organisation (WHO) protocols on the prevention of COVID-19 in your respective homes.

While we appreciate our most esteemed parents and our ABUADites, we commend you all unto Almighty God’s care. 

Stay safe and God bless you all.

Please accept the assurances of my highest esteem.

Lady Christie Oluborode

Registrar and Secretary to the Council

2019/2020 Academic Session Reviewed Academic Calendar

Kindly click Reviewed Academic Calendar for 2019 2020 to download the 2019/2020 Reviewed Academic Calendar

Source: abuad.edu.ng

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