Don't criticize bill gates

It's not in my character to hate people because of what others say about them. I am sure many of us will agree with this view.

A lot of us hate #BillGate because we heard or read that he wants to give people microchip vaccines. It's now 24 hours I wrote a challenge for anyone who cares to bring single evidence of a statement, document, video or interview where Bill Gate mentioned microchips in relation to vaccines, I am yet to get any entries.

For some others, we hate him because we heard he wants to control the population. I  have burst a doctored image of where his Foundation was photoshopped and renamed CENTRE FOR POPULATION CONTROL. Again I cannot hate a man whom the people who want me to hate him are doing so by altering properties and information connected to him.

Its true Bill may have taken positions on the population of the world but it takes a nonmyopic person to understand that only someone who means well for the world will think in that direction.

When the population of China was growing out of hand, China initiated the ONE CHILD POLICY as population control measures. We all know about it. As good as it seemed, China’s population today is not less than 1.4billion while Nigeria is not up to 300 million, Madagascar is 27million, Ghana 28million, and America 329million. Imagine 1.4billion people in China…if they hadn’t initiated the one-child policy, your guess is as good as mine. Maybe China won't have the balance to grow and become as strong as it is today or care for its citizens. Was China Anti-Christing herself with the population control measures? Was it Bill Gates that took the population control scheme to China and India?

Bill Gate’s concern for the population has never translated into killing existing people, doing things that will harm people. Experts hold the same view. Population control simply entails taking birth rate, mortality rate, and environmental resources into account and initiating policies that will improve the quality of life on earth. Most of us came across Population Control as a topic in our course of studies. Was it Bill Gates that wrote it in your textbooks.

Today, this same Bill Gate is funding a project that seeks to spray dust into the atmosphere to reduce the impact of global warming and redirect most of the Sun’s energy back into space…..with his own money. Bill Foundation has invested over $5billion in Africa for over 5 years. In 2016, Bill Gates donated $100m to Nigeria to cut Malnutrition in Nigeria. I can’t say if the money reached you because of our corrupt leaders but it was given to help you. The only major thing Bill now does with his money is philanthropy. In 2018, Bill Gates paid off Nigeria’s  $76m debt to Japan. It is shameful that you and I can sit here and condemn Bill Gates to hell as an Antichrist because of what you read about him and not even because of what you know about him.

If his haters had something to say, would they need to Photoshop his foundation to deceive you?

I took some vaccine shots at childhood thanks to Bill Gates Vaccine project called Gavi standing over 20 years now that made vaccines which are usually very expensive get to developing countries at little or no cost.

Thank you, Bill, for Paying the bills.

-Mayor Chikwe Greatness, a 5th-year Medical Student with Imo State University Teaching Hospital (IMSUTH), is a writer. He is currently the SUG Speaker of Imo State University (IMSU).


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