What are the types of jobs you can get at an Insurance Company?

Life after college or high school is often different from anything you could have ever expected. Unfortunately, no one prepares you for what’s to come, and you are often surprised and met with things you were not prepared for. While this phase of your life entails a lot of challenges, the biggest of those has got to be trying to find the right job. There are plenty of different fields out there that you could explore, but the insurance world, in particular, is one of the best options that you could venture into. There are plenty of different opportunities to explore, and most of them are pretty financially lucrative in the long run. So, what exactly kind of job can you get to an insurance company?

Claims Adjuster

If you have ever had a car accident and tried filing an insurance claim, then you have most likely dealt with a claims adjuster before. A Claims Adjuster is the person you go to whenever you have home theft, car accident, property damage due to natural disasters, and just about any incident that requires you to file an insurance claim. So, what exactly does this person do? Well, the insurance company isn’t about to give you any amount of money; they need to assess the damage themselves to compensate you with a fair amount, so they send in the claims adjuster. They conduct interviews, inspect the scene of the accident, collect any reports related to the incident, and then they report this information to the company.

Claims Examiner

This is the person that the adjuster reports the information. They work closely together to come up with an estimate of just how much money the insurance company is going to offer the claimant. They also review the claims submitted and assess whether or not they should be accepted or denied. Working with the claims adjuster, they come up with the exact compensation amount –– which the latter is usually responsible for.

Sales Agent

An insurance company’s policies aren’t going to sell themselves, and this is exactly what the sales agents do. They reach out to customers to offer different insurance policies. It is their responsibility to explain to customers the policies and what they entail, help buyers throughout the entire process, and maintain records of the entire process. There is a reason why these opportunities, in particular, are highly in demand, as being an insurance sales agent is one of the best lines of work you can get into in this field. Most agents who start by selling insurance policies move on to better jobs in the future, like selling mutual funds and other securities, which is a better career move.


The job of the actuary is one of the most important ones in the insurance world, and it is also one of the most challenging. An Actuary is a person who assesses the risk associated with each possible policy so they could set the premiums. This is another great line of work within insurance companies as it opens a lot of doors. Actuaries specialize in certain fields. A car insurance actuary assesses factors like the car price, driver’s records, hours have driven every day, and other related factors to set the premiums. Property insurance actuaries assess the possibility of natural disasters in the location of the property to set the premiums, and so on.

Claims Clerk

A claims clerk is responsible for processing all the paperwork in an insurance policy. They handle everything from setting up new policy paperwork to adjusting current ones as well as any paperwork related to insurance claims. While this job sounds a bit mundane, it is one of the most important jobs in the insurance world as documentation is critical in this line of work.

Insurance Underwriter

Last but not least, an insurance underwriter is responsible for checking several cases to evaluate the risk factors associated with specific individuals or entities. You could say they look into the possibility of the insurance company profiting from selling specific policies, and whether or not that would be the right course of action. Their job entails finding the right balance between risk and reward for certain cases where more than the actuary’s broad look might be needed.

As you can see, there are a lot of different jobs in the insurance world, and they all offer a solid career path. One of the greatest perks of this industry is the fact that you don’t need a college degree to work in most of these jobs. Sure, it would make things easier for you and add to your overall experience, but it is not a must.

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